Internet Marketing Versus Traditional Media Marketing: The Benefits and Opportunities

Whether you’re considering starting a new business, or you have owned a traditional business for many years, you may want to seriously consider marketing your business on the Internet. There are many benefits of Internet marketing compared to traditional media marketing and we are going to explore some of those benefits on this page.

Lower the Cost of Advertising Your Business

Traditional media marketing includes things like newspaper and magazine ads, television and radio spots, and direct mail pieces. All of these forms of advertising can be very expensive. Promoting your business on television can easily cost six figures or more when you consider the cost of producing a television commercial and also buying ad space. Even advertising methods that can be considered inexpensive can still cost you quite a bit of money. A tiny display ad in a newspaper can easily cost you over $1000 per week and using direct mail, like sending out postcards or flyers can easily cost you over $1500 per thousand mail pieces.

Internet marketing, however, gives you access to many different free and low-cost ways to spread the word about your business. Paid advertising methods include things like pay per click, pay per view and banner advertising. With pay per click advertising, you set the amount you are willing to pay for each visitor to your website and you pay only when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site. With pay – per – view advertising you are paying every time someone sees your ad. Banner advertising can be set up in a number of different ways, including pay -per -click or pay – per – view.

Of course, there are numerous ways to spread the word about your business for free. If your site is properly optimized for search engines and ranks well for relevant search engine queries, your website will receive visitors at no cost to you. While there are guidelines widely available regarding the proper optimization of a website, make sure to consult with an agency or reliable SEO consultant before undergoing any major changes. You can also use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others to spread the word about your business. With Internet marketing, it is also possible for a piece of content, marketed with social media to go viral, which means that many people see your content and share it with all of their friends. When this happens, you can get a huge amount of exposure that costs you next to nothing.

Reach a Specific Demographic

With Internet marketing, it is much easier to direct targeted traffic to your website, getting your message in front of your potential customers. With traditional media marketing, it is only possible to somewhat target your advertisements. You can advertise in a specific magazine or buy radio and television ads for certain programs which cater to a certain demographic, but with all traditional media marketing, your message is going out to the masses where only a small percentage may actually be interested in your product or service.

With Internet marketing, it is much easier to reach your target market. For example, with pay per click marketing, you are only paying when someone clicks on your ad. The only people that are going to click on your ads are people that might be interested in your product or service. Search engine optimization offers similar benefits. If someone finds your site in the search engines it’s typically because they were specifically looking for something related to your business.

Many of the sources of paid, organic, and social traffic on the Internet have a great deal of data about various demographics. You can target men or women, a specific age group, or even people that have made purchases of products or services that are similar to yours.

Measurable Results for Better Return on Investment

With traditional media marketing, methods for tracking exposure are limited and will never be as accurate as online promotion. With a postcard, flyer, newspaper ad etc. you have to ask customers how they found your business or require a special discount code or coupon. With Internet marketing, you will know exactly where your customers came from. There are many ways to do this including setting up tracking codes and monitoring where your visitors came from and if they made a purchase.

With pay per click advertisements, you can get real-time results that will allow you to test, tweak and fine-tune your ads for the maximum return on investment. It’s also easier to split test multiple different ads to find the ad that performs best and then scale up from there.

Internet Marketing Levels the Playing Field

When you have a traditional, off-line business, it is very difficult to compete with major corporations that have deep pockets and unlimited resources. Because Internet marketing allows businesses to get started with low upfront costs and also offers free and low-cost methods for advertising, as well as the ability to track and test results for maximum return on investment, Internet marketing levels the playing field and allows individuals and small companies to compete with industry leaders.

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